David Wins Again

For the For the 2nd time in 5 years we recreated that iconic image of the 50's the beauty contest, called the "The Car I Would Most Like to Take Home". Members brought their pride and joy to be judged by an "expert". In true 1950's/60's style the contestants lined up. Being dumb, (No change there then) they couldn't answer those all important questions. "How old are you?". "What are your hobbies?". "How many languages do you speak?". "What are your ambitions?"."What's your telephone number?". Thus, no judgment could be made on intelligence or lack of it. Personality wasn't exactly a strong point either. It was really down to the amount of "lip gloss" and whose "bits" stuck out the most. The competition was close with much cut and thrust and sarcastic comment directed against the previous winner. All given and taken in the spirit it was intended .

The winner a Nostalgia Jaguar XK120 Replica

Judgement was finally delivered. "The Black Cat", David's, Nostalgia XK120 Replica was declared the winner for the 2nd time. . The prize,a bunch of flowers was presented and much appreciated by Mary. I suppose a crown and a golden throne flanked by the runners up was out of the question? Despite comments on winners plastic dress, we have to say that beneath the "posh frock" beats the heart of a 1982 XJ6 "rust bucket".

Our thanks to everyone who took part, to Mike for oganising it and to Mine hosts of The Vine, Hannington for their fine and impeccable judgement, The rumour is that under the rules of the competition if you win it three time in a row you get to keep the landlady. Thanks for a fun evening.

More pictures of the evening can be found in the gallery

DE. May 2014  
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